What we do

Rivendell has an enviable reputation for bringing packaging solutions to some of the largest brands and retailers.

Established for over 20 years, our clients enjoy an approach from the Rivendell team which places our resources, skills and attention firmly on the solutions we are supplying.



Our creative team produce designs for packaging for a broad range of clients.


Producing cost effective strategic design across all pack formats and printing processes.

  • Concepts and production layouts

  • Creative artwork and copy production

  • Creative retouching

  • Colour rendition and application

  • Online marketing campaigns

  • CGi

  • Clear - On-line beautification



Within our purpose-built studios in Leeds, we manage all photography requirements. 


We have a fully equipped food and product photography studio, along with our bespoke fashion Photographic studio with full runway facilities.


Our trained food stylists and photographers, Chris and Manu, are on hand to provide a combined solution, saving our clients both time and money. 


All our photography can be viewed and approved through our Rivendell Online system solution.


The Rivstudio is constantly bubbling with activity, why not call in for a coffee?


We always have time to discuss all things photography and maybe we can bring a different perspective to how you present your products.

Evolve - Artwork & Repro


Using the very latest in technology and our vast experience of Lean Sigma we have engineered a process that strips days out of your process, reducing the overall lead time which ultimately increases speed to market.


In house, multi skilled operators work to our evolve artwork and repro process.

  • Reduction in rework and touch points

  • Collaboration during approvals

  • Up front colour and technical approval

  • Overall reduction in lead time, improving speed to market

Colour Kitchen


Colour Kitchen allows our clients to guarantee the consistency of their brand colours every time they are printed, regardless of the substrate, print process or geographic location.

The process is simple, provide us with a sample of your desired colour and we will create a colour target for each substrate and print process involved.

  • Consistent brand colour presentation on shelf

  • Absolute trust in the replication and consistency of Brand colours

  • Managed expectations from the design concept stage

  • Scientific approach to colour management

  • Online / offline verification



We can quickly adapt existing artworks and bring them to life.


Our team at Rivendell can adapt all packaging types and provide you with high quality, fast turnaround 3d visuals, without blowing your budget.


Whether it is for point of sale, online media or a sales presenter, we can provide 3d visuals in a format tailored for you.



We provide an end-to-end point of sale solution. Using the latest in technology we can quickly create concepts and mock-ups so you can easily visualise or demonstrate prior to launch.


Whether your requirement is for CGi models, full production runs or store layouts and promotions, we have a solution to cover all of your needs.



As a key supplier to the corrugated packaging market our team at Rivendell have a wealth of experience in all aspects of artwork creation, plate manufacture and plate mounting.


We use technology wisely, keeping plate costs “in check” ensuring our clients are getting the very best value for money.



Rivendell have a rich history of working within the specialist and home decorating packaging sector. We are respected for our knowledge, skills and ability.


With our Colour Kitchen services, we ensure predictive proofing and adherence to very complex packaging specifications for our clients.

Polymer Lab


Rivendell are part of a team making up one of the largest producers of flexo plates in Europe. 


We are a trusted supplier to many of the UK’s retail and branded clients.


We are partnered with providers such as Macdermid and Esko who are working with our team of experts in the development of tomorrows plate technology -  today.

We are an alpha test site for plate hardware partners.


We are a market leader in technological advancement offering the broadest portfolio of digital flexo plates in thermal and solvent areas.

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